Delaware Statewide Advocacy Day

Delaware Statewide Advocacy Day May 19, 2021, 5:30-7pm.

Registration is required for attendance to the Advocacy Day. Please find the registration link here: Registration Link.

Here is the link to download the Advocacy Day Alpha Kappa Alpha Zoom Background: AKA Background.

Attire is business/business colors of our organization.

Please attend Sorors, this work is important and it begins with knowing what is happening in our State Legislator and it is important that our State Legislator know our voting power in Delaware!

Legislative Watch:

Common Cause Delaware has created links for you to email your state representative and state senator in support of HB 75:

No excuse Absentee Voting and/or SB 5:

Automatic Voter Registration.

Find the links to the Common Cause email drive here:

I support HB 75

I support SB 5 Redistricting: The League of Women Voters is championing a Transparent and Fair Redistricting Process:

Watch the Video on Prison Gerrymandering & Communities of Interest (

Will redistricting have a demonstrative affect on your life?

Tell your story to the League of Women and complete the Communities of Interest Survey. (

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