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Annual Assessment

Sorors, it's time for the completion of our annual assessment. This is our opportunity to review Zeta Omega's operations to ensure we continue to meet chapter standards. The link to the Chapter Self-Assessment form is below as well as a link to the full form. If you are a new soror, please ask for assistance if you need it. Sponsors, this would be a great time to reach out and help our new sorors to complete the form. Also, you can reach out to Soror Robin Hurd-Graham, our Standards Chairman. Please complete and submit the form by November 30, 2020.
Please click the link to access the annual Chapter Self-Assessment
Please click here for the link to the entire chapter assessment form
Click here

EAF Giving Tuesday

December 1st is EAF Giving Tuesday! Don’t forget to send in your $19.08!

Sorors, it's that time again.  December 1st is EAF Giving Tuesday! Once again, Zeta Omega's goal is to raise $2,000 to reach platinum status. To reach our goal, we ask that every soror in Zeta Omega donate $19.08 by December 1, 2020.  The money raised will be used as our donation for recognition at the 2021 North Atlantic Regional Conference.  The mission of the Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF) is to promote lifelong learning. This is our opportunity as a Chapter to enhance that effort.  

Please make checks payable to the Pearls of Hope Foundation, Inc.,* and mail to P.O. Box 7184, Wilmington, DE 19803.  You may also pay via PayPal to  PayPal fees are 2.9% + 0.30.  If paying with PayPal, please submit a donation amount of $19.93.  
*Paying through our Foundation may enable you to take a tax deduction for your contribution.  Please speak with your tax advisor to ascertain the appropriate deduction.

Thank you in advance, sorors, for helping Zeta Omega reach Platinum!!!!!
EAF Chairman, Soror Javette Lane,

Disaster Relief Committee

As we approach the beginning of the Giving Season, the Disaster Relief Committee would like to express our gratitude to Zeta Omega Chapter members as you continue to plan and prepare for the holidays safely and wisely. 

Thank you for supporting our first committee event, “Staying Safe in Your Home and Online,” during Fire Prevention & Cybersecurity Awareness Month on October 3rd via Zoom. Please review the Disaster Response Workshop Q&A document HERE for responses on the topics addressed during the event. 

Thank you for thinking about safety as we navigate the holidays during a global health crisis. If your family likes fried turkey, please be mindful of tips provided in the Turkey Fryer Safety flyer. Click here. 


If you are like many who begin decorating for Christmas and Kwanzaa the day after Thanksgiving, review the Holiday infographic for safe decorating tips. Click here

If you have any questions for the Disaster Relief Committee or ideas for future events, please contact Kimberly Reid at


NARC – March 4th-7th, 2021
Bylaw Changes

Any bylaw changes that chapters or general members want to be considered at the 2021 regional conference must be sent to the Regional Director by December 1, 2020.  If the proposed amendment is approved at the regional level, it must then be reviewed by the National Constitution Committee, the Directorate, and circulated to all regions.  As a result, it cannot be presented to the Boule until 2022.  (Refer to the Manual of Standard Procedure page 55).
Thank you.  

Soror Mary Bently Lamar                                                                                                        North Atlantic Regional Director

Cluster II Attendance
To verify your attendance at the Cluster II Conference, please send a copy of your paid registration receipt to Soror Shawnta Jackson,
EAF HBCU Donation
Thank you to all sorors that donated to the HBCU Day.  Zeta Omega needs a record of how much our chapter members contributed.  If you have not yet done so, please send a copy of your receipt to Soror Sherice Johnson,

Zeta Omega Dues

Zeta Omega Dues
We recently received a notice from the corporate office that the EAF dues will remain at $10.00 and will not increase to $15.00 this year. 
Please note that the stimulus reduction of $25.00 will not be available if your corporate per capita fees are paid late (after February 1, 2021)

Please send PayPal payments for dues to

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